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Are you in need of a real police car? Rent it here now! No matter what the need is, we have you covered! From music videos to film production, we have actual decommissioned police cars available. Maybe you need some extra protection at your residence for an event? Park one of our real retired cop cars in front and let its presence protect you.

We have a wide range of vehicles, in different colors. From sedans to SUVs, you’ll have an actual police car that was used in service till it was retired. All of our cars are 8 years or newer, and have fully functioning lights, sirens, and push bars to keep the police look.

Inside the vehicles, you’ll find a partition between the front and back seat, a laptop place holder, and other police amenities needed to resemble the look you’re going for.

So no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, get it done with an actual retired cop car! See for yourself why we’re becoming the go to call for rental police cars!

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Coverage Area Services We Provide

As you can see Below, we provide our police cars in Miami and South Florida to a different range of industries!

Residential Properties

Residential Properties

Are you going to be out of town for an extended amount of time? Make it look like you have hired protection with a police car parked out front. Perhaps you’re having a party, and want to keep away unwanted guests. Show that you have a police presence with a cop car or two parked out front..

Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties

Do you suddenly have an issue with crime? Park a car or two in strategic areas, and immediately see others detoured from doing anything. Much cheaper than hiring people, but with the same effect.

Music and Movie Productions

Music and Movie Productions

Trying to film a movie or music video and need to get a shot with a police car? With our wide range of cop cars, you’ll be sure to find whatever aesthetic you’re going for. And we can “sticker” the car to customize it to look however you want for your production. We have matching cars as well to create a “force”.

Industrial Sites

Industrial Sites

Need to keep a new build or site protected without breaking the bank? Use a police car and scare away possible intruders without adding much to the bottom line. A car or two can see a drastic drop in potential crime when it comes to construction theft and vandalism..

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Fully functioning police cars available to rent for a variety of needs. Get the same effect for a fraction of the price! Fully customizable, why pay off duty prices for the same thing?

Affordable Cost and Prices

Get an actual functioning police car for much less than an off duty officer. With a wide range of choices, you’ll find what you’re looking for

On Time Always

Once you book the car, it’s yours to use during the time reserved. We are very careful with our schedule and will ensure you have the car you picked.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Every client has been more than impressed, from the cost to the quality of the cars we provide. Many of our clients are soon repeat customers.

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